People - Executive and Profile

Open for enthusiasm

Companies aren’t buildings. Or logos. Or ads online or in the newspaper.

Companies are people. And when you work for LJ Hooker you are an ambassador for our brand. Our brand has a unique set of values – which makes us ‘us’ – and set us apart form every other real estate network in Australia and New Zealand.

Working at the heart of our communities

At its core, real estate is ultimately about helping people find a property they can call their own. It is a basic human need. And the concept of home sits at the very heart of what makes a strong community.

Passion - Persistance - Integrity
Knowledge - Teamwork

We're doing what we love doing ... together

At LJ Hooker we are quietly doing something amazing. We are building on some very strong foundations and a proud history. We are growing our network, our people and our capability, and we are doing it together. We're passionate about real estate and our brand and we want to take it to even greater heights. We want to be exceptional. And deliver an exceptional customer experience.

Exciting and infectious

So if you're smart, can dig deep, go the distance, laugh, have fun, give everything you've got today and do it all again tomorrow, then you’ve come to the right team - as we create something quietly amazing together.

More about why people work at LJ Hooker

  1. What we do changes people's lives. You can look at us in two ways: We help people create successful real estate businesses; and we help people realise their property dreams, whether it means owning their own home or building an investment portfolio.
  2. We're connected. When people talk about us you'll always hear the words "team" or "family". It's because we are close, we work together and the way we do business is personal. We're demanding but we'll do anything to help you succeed.
  3. We're a bit full on. What we mean is our people work hard and enjoy full, rounded and energised lives. We support that. In the way we lead people. In the way we support each other. In the way we have designed our benefits.
  4. We have a ball. We like to celebrate success and we're famous for it. We do it in every city and across the region. We reward our stars, and our teams that go that go that one step further for our customers.

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