Our Franchises

LJ Hooker is made up of numerous independently owned and operated businesses all trading as one of the most recognised brands in the country.

Each has the benefit of the combined knowledge of everybody else in the group.

We’re doing what we love doing ……together

At LJ Hooker we are quietly doing something amazing. We are building on some very strong foundation and a proud history. We are growing our network, our people and our capability. We are doing this together. We’re passionate about real estate and our brand and we want to take it to even greater heights.

We want to be exceptional. Things changed for us in late 2009 – by returning to the Hooker Family and an experienced group of co-investors, have seen a renewed energy and purpose for our Network.

We are taking that passion and running with it. We are pushing the limits; connecting, sharing, learning, creating and doing whatever it takes to be the best in real estate.

Open for progression

As a member of the LJ Hooker team, you’ll be helping to shape one of Australia and New Zealand’s most dynamic franchise groups – as well as your own career path.

Our ambition and vision is what drives the LJ Hooker business. Yes we are a company of go getters. Yes we are full on. But we are also a company of genuine good-hearted people.

Our values are not purely determined by sales figures alone: they are determined by making the real estate experience an unforgettably positive zone for our customers.

We expect much from our team members. But in turn we will support, nurture and share with you our insights and our experience, so you can grow, succeed and realise your full potential.

We embrace diversity. And we know you’ll meet a huge cast of interesting, colourful and intelligent characters from all walks of life on your journey with us. A special part of our culture is that we recognise you as an individual with unique skills and talents but we also know how people grow and reach their full potential when you develop and share your skills as part of a bigger team.

Open for enthusiasm

What is it we all have in common?

Companies aren’t buildings. Or logos. Or ads online or in the newspaper. Companies are people. And when you work for LJ Hooker you are an ambassador for our brand. Our brand has a unique set of values – which makes us ‘us’ – and set us apart form every other real estate network in Australia and New Zealand.

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