Enjoy a truly rewarding career

Platforms of performance recognition

You’ve done the hard yards. Gone the extra mile. Supported your team. And consistently delighted your customers along the way.

LJ Hooker rewards and recognises the top performers in our network for their achievements. We believe it’s an important part of creating a winning culture where motivated people can thrive and enjoy their success.

At LJ Hooker we’ve created a culture where your success is encouraged and your achievements are rewarded, which we do through our national awards and recognition program.

Top Performers who meet the qualification criteria for the various awards are inducted into a number of exclusive clubs including the prestigious Captains Club.

Award ceremonies are held annually in various locations across Australia and New Zealand. International awards are presented at the Summit Gala Dinner which all members of the LJ Hooker team are invited to attend – it’s an outstanding opportunity to develop both personally and professionally while enjoying the highlights of the annual conference location.

Whether you’re a new member of the team, or a long established employee, we have a range of leadership groups where achievements – big and small – are regularly honoured and celebrated at events and award galas.

Our awards offer recognition to all member of the LJ Hooker Network:

  • Franchise Owners
  • Salespeople
  • Property Managers
  • Business System Operators
  • Property Finance Brokers
  • Auctioneers
  • Office support Staff

Captains Club

Membership recognises high preforming sales people. Property managers, mortgage brokers, business systems operators, auctioneers and staff who consistently surpass targets. Over 680 members of our network are proud to be able to call themselves Captains.


This is the networks top-performing franchise owners who are appointed to act as mentors and leaders to LJ Hooker offices and employees across the entire network.

Innovation Team

This select group of LJ Hooker professional are chosen for their ideas and passion, which helps fuel the innovation agenda of the entire company

Franchise Owners Council

This council of franchisees is responsible of fostering a harmonious working relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee across Australia and New Zealand. The Council has direct input into improving and advises the franchisor on relevant issue to improve the LJ Hooker network.

There is no other real estate network in Australia which can offer its franchise network the same level of ‘hands on’ access to the decision makers responsible for shaping the future of one of the leading real estate companies in Australasia.

21 Club

Membership of this long-service club is a venerable milestone in the career of an employee making 21 years of continuous service to the company.

Deeply committed to the company’s success, many of our 186 ’21 Club’ members are mentors and leaders across the LJ Hooker network.

Females in Real Estate (FIRE)

LJ Hooker supports equality at all levels of our organisation, and we are incredibly proud of FIRE – our unique women’s leadership group dedicated to developing women’s careers and opportunities within the network.


We invest heavily in the future of LJ Hooker, and ASPIRE is just one way to harness the energy of our younger team members. Together, they champion the views and needs of their young colleagues. ASPIRE is open to those under 30 with insight, ideas and an insatiable desire to keep LJ Hooker one step ahead and relevant to emerging trends and new markets.

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